Empowering children to become Planet Warriors - Leaders of change.

The Planet Warriors Festival

All Grade 3-7 children living in Hout Bay and surrounding areas are invited to participate in the Planet Warriors Festival currently being held @ Green Faire on SUNDAY 6 NOVEMBER 2016 from 10:00 – 17:00.

This is an opportunity for children to come and participate in the following Planet Warriors events:

Amazing prizes will also be awarded

Entry Form

The golden rule: let the children lead the way with their ideas and creations

What you need to do

Collect the materials you will need. All of these things should be made from waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. You’ll find many things at home – from everyday packaging, bottle tops, plastic bags, newspaper, magazines, tins, as well as boxes of old stuff, toys, puzzles with missing pieces and a garage full of other possibilities. Just look at things for their shape and form, not for what they were originally made for, and you will be amazed at what emerges from the imagination. If you need a lot of something, then go to the businesses that make them, as most of them will have waste of some sort – whether it’s ends of rolls from fabric, newspaper and magazines, orange bags, salt and mealie bags, sails, old t-shirts, jean pockets, nuts, bolts, wheels from broken prams, one socks, one shoe… The list is endless and most will be happy to give it to you for FREE if it’s for a child’s project.

Then you create something new out of them – either lots of the same things to sell at the market, an outfit to model in the Eco Fashion Show or a model of your Planet Warrior design or invention. You could also play or sing a song in the talent contest.

Line up


10:00 – 12:00 Recycle Market and Green Design exhibition

12:00 Eco Fashion Show

12:30 Talent Contest

1:45 Prize Giving

See each event for further details

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