Empowering children to become Planet Warriors - Leaders of change.

About Us

Planet Warriors is an NGO based in Cape Town whose mission is to inspire young children to become Planet Warriors – leaders of change.

We work with young children (8-13 years). Research has proven that children at this developmental stage are at the peak at their creativity, they are looking for a fair and balanced world in which to live and are forming behavioural patterns for a lifetime. They are a powerful voice in the home and community and can rise to meet significant challenge if given the tools and encouragement.

The reality is that these children are going to grow up on a resource-strapped planet where water, food fuel and electricity will be increasingly scarce and expensive. As a knock-on, there will be fewer jobs to go round.

We believe education is about preparing children to live healthy, productive lives. So our projects equip our children with tools, skills and knowledge to be entrepreneurial in this environment.

Our golden rule : Let the children lead the way with their ideas.

Adults are the mentors and enablers. You can get involved by:

  • Mentoring a child if they need your skill or help.
  • Listening to your child’s idea , encouraging them and help them to manifest it.
  • Helping them manage their time and get organized with resources.
  • Helping mentor other people’s children. Just post your skill or passion on the website and we can draw on you if needed.
  • Help with resources – do you have funding to put in to further this project?
  • Do you have materials from your work that could be turned from trash to treasure?
  • How else would you like to get involved?

Please fill in the contact us form.

We collaborate with other NGO’s and organisations in the local community. The seeds of these projects have been grown in a microcosm of South Africa – Hout Bay. We collaborate with all the primary schools – Kronendal, Moravian, Sentinel, Llandudno, Disa, Ambleside and International School. This event provides a new common language and goal for our community to unite around.

Envirochild is the funding and administration channel for Planet Warriors.
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